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Investors intelligence

ガンダムユニコーン パチンコ

Trusted by hundreds of funds in over 30 countries

Leverage differentiated and customizable web traffic data as a leading indicator of company and sector performance.

ガンダムユニコーン パチンコ

  • Forecast long term trends of company or sector performance.
  • Understand consumer behavior trends.
  • Monitor any company’s digital footprint with web and app traffic.
Real-time investment ideas

アンコール セブン スロット データ

  • Track key signals of earnings performance.
  • Generate alpha with hundreds of unique data points.
  • Find new opportunities with real-time signals.
  • Validate an investment hypothesis.
  • Benchmark performance against competitors.
Investment intelligence data on any company

メダル パチンコ

  • Gain systematic coverage of millions of private and public companies.
  • Access billions of data points daily across multiple metrics that correlate to a company’s KPIs.
メダル パチンコ

メダル パチンコ

  • Web and app traffic datasets

    Proprietary web and app traffic datasets are unsurpassed in the breadth and depth of digital intelligence

  • Industry-leading data

    Industry-leading quantitative data supplemented by unique qualitative traffic & engagement metrics

  • Comprehensive datasets

    Comprehensive, highly-curated datasets focused on company-specific KPIs, affording deep insights and surfacing signals.

  • Worldwide coverage

    Worldwide and local coverage, insights for +190 countries

  • Data granularity

    Daily, weekly and monthly granularity of data affords bespoke analysis.

ヴァルヴ レイヴ パチンコ 潜伏

Digital activity

スロット 猪木

  • Website, app and industry traffic data
  • Transactions and SKU level data
  • Marketing channels and keyword data
  • Audience behavioral data
Websites and apps

メダル パチンコ

  • Comprehensive 360° coverage
  • Unlimited access to 100m websites and 4.7m apps
  • Tracking 210+ industries across 190+ countries


  • Processing billions of digital signals daily
  • Surfacing insights on a 48-72 hour lag
  • Daily, weekly and monthly granularity

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Investor Intelligence Newsflash

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Client Use Cases
Hedge Funds & Asset Managers
Hedge Funds & Asset Managers
Get essential digital performance data for any public company with an online presence
  • Be the first to identify digital inflections to generate investment ideas
  • With granular data on 1B+ websites and 4.7M+ apps, there are endless data points to provide greater conviction to your investment strategy
  • Uncover alpha opportunities through hundreds of digital metrics
Investment Banking
Investment Banking
See a holistic view of the digital world and become your customer's best advisor
  • Enrich your diligence with web and app traffic data
  • Source new opportunities and monitor performance over time, gain insight into both private and public digital company performance and benchmark across the competitive landscape
  • Go beyond financials and track changes in online consumer behavior to contextualize a company's performance and to foresee future market changes
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Enrich your sourcing, enhance your due diligence and grow your portfolio companies
  • Use web and app traffic data to get a 360° view of company and sector health, with data on 1B+ sites, 4.7M+ apps and 210+ industries, all at your fingertips
  • Utilize digital behavior data to enrich and find signals in any company that you are tracking
  • Leverage ガンダムユニコーン パチンコ like our corporate customers do to improve a portfolio company's marketing strategy, drive traffic to its website and grow its business
Quantitative Funds
Quantitative Funds
Gain access to wide data coverage
  • With data on 1B+ websites and traffic from 190+ countries, ガンダムユニコーン パチンコ has coverage on any public company and all of its digital assets
  • Dozens of traffic & engagement metrics for the online activity of every website to surface millions of signals
  • Extract and integrate ガンダムユニコーン パチンコ data via API, S3 or Snowflake delivery to automate repeatable analyses and integrate data points into internal systems

アンコール セブン スロット データ


  • Industry Trends allows you to explore online traffic data from over 200 industries. With the Traffic Share feature, you can select up to ten domains within an industry of choice and view the percent (or number) of online traffic sent to those domains. Each industry report is based on an index of the top 100 websites within the chosen industry. For further information see here.

  • This depends on the company being analyzed, the types of products/services it offers, its channel approach, and the structure of its digital presence.

  • ガンダムユニコーン パチンコ data includes the percentage of visitors to a website or landing page that complete the desired action. In most cases, this will be a sign-up or a purchase, but it could also be any other activity you define as conversion. For further information on Conversion Analysis see here.

  • Segment Analysis lets you gain visibility into the performance of a particular line of business, category, topic, or brand on any website in a way that is easy to understand and benchmark. For further information see here.

  • Yes, Excel downloads are available on the platform.

Go beyond the financials

Leverage the same data that is used by 5,000+ corporate companies to grow their businesses and improve their digital strategy every day.